Are Double Sink Bathrooms Here to Stay?

By George

8th Nov 2019

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Double sink bathrooms have experienced a surge in popularity recently. Is it a passing trend or are they here to stay?

double sink vanity units

First appearing in designer bathrooms and luxury hotels, extravagant double sink vanities have finally started turning up in our homes.

Grand in size and usually equipped with tonnes of storage space, these alternatives to standard basins have become more prevalent.

They’re now available in a range of styles to suit almost any kind of bathroom.

This rise in popularity has also led to a reduction in cost. Once reserved for the most affluent, double sink bathrooms are now more affordable than ever, with quality options available at reasonable price points.

We’ve decided to investigate. Could these sophisticated scene-stealing sinks become a bathroom staple?

Why Choose a Double Sink Bathroom?

Storage Space

Doubling your under sink storage space allows you to keep your bathroom free of clutter. Larger double sink vanities can even be used to store all of your towels, which is extremely handy for those who often jump in the shower and forget to bring one!

Your Own Personal Basin

Sick of your other half’s messy ways? Or maybe you’d just like a separate basin for the kids? Double sink vanities can provide you with your own personal space to keep as clean and tidy as you like it.

Suit Your Style

Though double sinks have been synonymous with impressive classical bathrooms, they’re now available in a huge variety of styles to suit almost any kind of decor. They’re even available in compact designs for those with less space.

The Top 5 Double Sink Vanities

1. The Trafalgar Cream Countertop Vanity Unit - Traditional and modern design cues combine to create something truly unique with this exposed double sink vanity unit. As mentioned in our list of the ‘Top 5 Vanities for Under the Sink Storage’, this offering from Trafalgar provides a host of storage options.

Trafalgar White Countertop Vanity Unit
Practicality and style combine to create a double sink vanity that can completely overhaul the look of a space.

A pair of roomy soft-closing drawers sit above two vast shelves, giving ample space for toiletries and a chance to display your favourite towels. The unit’s dual round basins provide a contemporary edge, allowing the unit to blend seamlessly with all types of decor.

2. The Chatsworth Traditional Graphite Double Basin Vanity - Darker finishes have really taken off in recent months and the understated graphite hue of this Chatsworth double sink vanity unit offers evidence as to why. A stunning traditionally styled piece boasting two spacious individual cabinets that are connected by a slim shared cupboard and drawer.

Graphite Double Basin Vanity
This dark graphite vanity from Chatsworth offers an abundance of storage space as well as two luxurious basins.

Two large basins constructed of a high-grade ceramic sit proudly on top. These look positively stately when paired with traditional taps! Alternatively, you can couple them with sharp modern tapware to add a unique twist to your space.

3. The Hudson Reed Gloss Grey Quartet Double Basin Vanity Unit - Achieve that sought after high-end designer look with this extravagant wall-mounted option from Hudson Reed. While double basin vanity units can often appear cumbersome, this one can work to open up space in your bathroom while still providing excellent storage.

Gloss Grey Quartet Double Basin Vanity Unit
This gloss grey double vanity somehow manages remain compact while providing ample space for towels and toiletries.

Each basin is equipped with two roomy soft-closing draws which are opened using sleek chrome handles. Our favourite aspect of the unit, however, is the fact that (despite its grand presence) it stands at just 550mm tall. This allows for tonnes of room both above and below the unit, giving the impression that your bathroom is larger than it is.

4. The Miller New York Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Double Basins - The most extravagant dual sink on our list, every aspect of this Miller New York vanity exudes luxury. Externally, the unit embraces a modern and minimalist look and is crafted from high quality black stained oak.

Black Drawer Unit & Double Basin
The height of luxury. Miller's New York Double Vanity features elaborate removable drawer compartments for organising your essentials.

The inside of the unit is equally indulgent. Within each sturdy drawer, you’ll find non-slip mats to ensure your toiletries remain exactly where you left them. The top two drawers contain refined white wooden compartments to help you organise smaller items. This level of lavishness does come at a premium, but we highly doubt you’ll regret it!

5. The Old London 1200mm Cabinet & Double Bowl Black Marble Top - This unashamedly traditional piece is a surefire way to give your bathroom an authentic period vibe. A black polished marble double top sits upon a striking midnight blue wooden cabinet, providing ample room for two.

Cabinet & Double Bowl Black Marble Top - Twilight Blue Part No.: Please select option.
A faithfully period-style double vanity unit. This Old London cabinet is a stellar option for darker luxury bathrooms.

Although appearing realistically retro, the vanity boasts sturdy contemporary build quality as well as mod cons such as soft-close doors and various tap hole options.

Are Double Sink Bathrooms Here to Stay?

When it comes to grand double sink bathrooms, 2019 has been something of a turning point. They’ve finally hit that perfect level of affordability, versatility, and popularity.

Double sink vanity units can now be found at prices similar to standard units, they’re available in styles to suit any space and are now the sink of choice for popular interiors influencers.

All of the above has led us to believe that the double sink bathroom trend is well and truly here to stay! There’s never been a better time to jump on board, so pick out your own here.



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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