And the Winner of VP's Mucky Pup Competition Is...

By George

26th Aug 2019

3 mins read

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Brown Dog in Bathtub

The adorable Border Collie (below) stole the hearts of all at Victorian Plumbing HQ. Proud owner, Lisa, managed to catch the puppy looking contemplative after a good long soak.

Border Collie in Bathtub
Our winner, Freyja. Pictured by her owner, Lisa.

To celebrate National Dog Day this August bank holiday, we challenged you to send in candid shots of your canine companions enjoying baths after a woof day.

You did not disappoint.

Since the competition’s announcement, we’ve been inundated with dozens of dog snaps on social media. From Shih Tzus wrapped in towels to Cockapoos in shower caps, the results were as cute (and funny) as you might expect.

Freyja emerged as our unanimous champion, winning Lisa a £250 VP voucher in the process. The decision, however, was not an easy one to make. With so many pawfect runners up we just had to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our favourites.


The Model Dogs

Much to the delight of their owners, these guys had a penchant for posing.

French Bulldog in the Bathtub
Roxy - Photographed by her owner, Melanie.
Jack Russel in Bathtub
Beryl - Photographed by her owner, Lauren.
Spaniel in Bathtub
Harry - Photographed by his owner, Karen.

The ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here’ Dogs

We soon discovered that not all barkers enjoy bathtimes.

Black and White Dog in Bathtub
Alfie - Photographed by his owner, Emma.
Brown and Black Dog in Bathtub
Rizz - Photographed by his owner, Kimberley.
Black Spaniel in Bathtub
Bailey - Photographed by owner, Paula.

The ‘Easygoing’ Dogs

These fun loving puppers didn't let their hygiene routines get in the way of sporting a prop or two.

Chihuahua in Bathtub
Rocko - Photographed by his owner, Kerry.
Light Brown Spaniel in Bathtub
Coco - Photographed by her owner, Melissa.
Black Pug in Bath Towel
Plato - Photographed by his owner, Carol.

Honorary Mentions

We saw great potential in the following pooches!

Brown Pug in Bathtub
Gizmo - Photographed by his owner, Jade.
Husky in Bathtub
Keoki - Photographed by owner, Susan.
Little Brown Dog in Bathtub
Mabel - Photographed by her owner, Emma.


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