Agnieszka Lisiecka's Beautiful Burgundy Bathroom

By Rob

4th Aug 2015

3 mins read

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Take an exclusive look at this charming creation from one of our customers.

Agnieszka Lisiecka's Beautiful Burgundy Bathroom

We’re always excited to hear about the bathroom renovations our customers have undertaken, so when we received an email from Agnieszka Lisiecka showing us her drop-dead gorgeous creation we just had to share it with the rest of you!

Now if you can just take your eyes off those pictures for a moment, we’ll look at how the individual aspects of this bathroom all add up to create a striking visual effect. In fact, better than that, we’ll let Agnieszka talk you through it herself:

So what made you go for a red bathtub? What was the inspiration behind such a bold colour choice?

My husband and I wanted a bathtub to match the traditional hidraulicos tiles that we already had in our old house. Besides that, I've always loved traditionally styled bathrooms. When I first saw the wooden beams in our Catalan finca I thought straight away that a red Victorian bathtub would be a queen of the room, and indeed it is.

How long did the room take to complete?

Renovation of our bathroom took more or less 3 months. The bathroom was renovated from scratch and all the work was carried out mostly by my husband.

Did you face any challenges when creating your bathroom?

I think that the renovation of an old house is always a challenge. Our bathroom was the first room to be redefined. The biggest challenge was to put the water installations in properly, but it can also be tough to create a room where you can relax and just enjoy being in it!

Would you do anything differently if you were renovating another bathroom?

Sorry, but we’re very happy with our bathroom, and I can't think about anything we would change. As a matter of fact we are planning to copy our ideas into a second renovation project which we've just started.

Get the look

If you’d like your bathroom to have a similar look then we’ll reveal some of the stylish fixtures chosen by Agnieszka. First up, that gorgeous bath; our Rydal Burgundy Double Ended Roll Top tub provides the ultimate centerpiece in this bathroom, beautifully complementing the walls and tiles. These baths add a real focal point to the room and it’s not hard to see why! If you like what you see then why not take a look at our full selection of freestanding baths?

To complement this freestanding beauty, an array of other traditional fittings have been included to further add to the period feel. Our classic Oxford Suite was selected to give the room a timeless quality while a Savoy Heated Towel Rail keeps things warm in style.

Are you a previous customer of ours? Think your bathroom is worthy of being showcased on our blog? Get in touch with us at info@victorianplumbing.co.uk, send us some snaps of the finished article and your creation could be featured next!

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