Adding A Custom Touch - Our Guide To Designer Radiators

By Rob

5th Oct 2015

3 mins read

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Fancy adding some extra style to your bathroom? A designer radiator may be just what you need...

Adding A Custom Touch - Our Guide To Designer Radiators

If you’re looking to add a touch of character and personality to your bathroom then you may want to consider purchasing a designer radiator. Coming in traditional and contemporary themes, they can really help you achieve a bespoke, custom feel to your bathroom. But what exactly is a designer radiator anyway? And why should you want one? In this helpful guide we will look at different types of designer radiators, and also discuss the benefits of having one in your home.

So what is a designer radiator? Styles and sizes

You may have noticed the tremendous response we got on our Facebook page when we recently posted a couple of images of some rather funky looking radiators. We received well over 100 likes in a short space of time and this made us think that there’s clearly a lot of interest in these products at the moment. With that in mind, we decided it was time to explore the stylish world of designer radiators…

Designer radiators serve the same purpose as regular radiators, however they are often styled with more creative flair than standard household items. If you want bold, radical features then these items may interest you as many of them use unconventional shapes or unique finishes. Many of our products can be chosen in different colours so you can perfectly co-ordinate your room. Whether you want curvy or more angular features we guarantee there will be a designer radiator to suit your taste. If a modern look is what you’re aiming to achieve, then you may wish to consider a more unconventional and daring item.These radically sculpted radiators will really look the part when used effectively with a contemporary theme.

However, designer radiators can also be subtle, following a more traditional approach but crafted with even more elegance and passionBlack column style radiators for example, offer a super stylish aesthetic which beautifully compliments more classically themed bathrooms. Vertical radiators can have more of an impact than horizontal ones as they are more unusual. They also have the advantage of suiting both current and classically themed décor. Designer radiators can fit any space or taste, it just takes a good imagination to visualise what would look right in your particular bathroom, and correct measurements!

What are the benefits of having a designer radiator installed?

The obvious benefit of choosing a designer radiator over a regular one is that you will have a more unique bathroom as a result. You won’t have to worry about your neighbours having the same design as you. They are a fantastic accessory, and provide a great finishing touch to enhance any theme or décor you have chosen. Many designer radiators have good heating efficiency and are very durable and reliable, so you get more than just a nice looking piece of metal to adorn your wall.

Naturally, a good radiator or heated towel rail will be most beneficial in the cold winter months, and many designer examples come with the latest in heating technology integrated into their casing. These stylish radiators have the bonus of not only heating your bathroom, but also looking smart all year round, adding to the charm of the overall theme you have gone for. The visual impact many of these items have can help to make a good bathroom a great one.

A word about valves

It is worth noting that you may need to purchase radiator valves separately. Available in a wide spectrum of styles, you will be able to easily select items that are compatible with either traditional or more contemporary themed radiators. They are a great way of really completing the look.

We hope you found our guide helpful. If you have installed a designer radiator in your bathroom, we would love to see a picture of it! Pictures can be posted over at our Facebook and Twitter pages. We look forward to seeing your examples!

Stay tuned for more from the team!

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