A Guide to Bathroom Technology

By Greg

18th Jul 2013

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Bathroom Ideas

Technology in the bathroom has come a long way in the last couple of years. Check out our run down of some of our favourites here.

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The bathroom has long been a place of peace and tranquillity, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and just take a moment for yourself. Well, it is the era of technology and with current advances it has become apparent that there is no escaping it, and that includes the bathroom now as well. But, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There have been some amazing innovations making each trip to the bathroom a new and exciting one, creating an experience rather than a routine. So, we are going to show you a guide to bathroom technology that has made a splash in the bathroom.

New Bathtub Technology

Bathtubs have been an integral part of the bathroom ever since, well… it’s been known as a bathroom. There has always been a variety of styles from the ancient Chinese wooden tubs to the Victorian cast iron ones. And you would think that there aren’t many improvements that you could make to the bathtub, but you would be wrong. The usual process of filling your bath and putting your hand in the water to check the temperature is now a thing of the past. You can now do it all from the comfort of your bed or on the couch by the push of a button. Yep that’s right, you can now fill your bath and choose the temperature you want all from your phone. As if phones didn’t do enough already.

New Shower Technology

Showers are a fairly new addition to the bathroom when compared with a bath, basin or WC. But, in recent years they have been the very foundation of a modern bathroom as they save you time and save on water, making for a more economical wash. So, it’s only fitting that they would bring new technologies to this part of your daily routine as well. If you have ever been in the shower and thought ‘I could really do with getting a tan right now’, you no longer have to fret there is a shower that incorporates a tanning bed into the shower. It’s the perfect solution to being able to hibernate in the winter and not miss out on a bit of a bronzing session.

New Toilet Technology

I know what you’re thinking, ‘What possible technology could they bring to the toilet?’ well, pretty much anything actually. Short of going to the toilet for you, they can play music, flush themselves, close themselves and can wash your bottom for you when you’re done. And, for those cold winter mornings when the seat feels more like a doughnut that’s been in the freezer over night, they now heat themselves.

New Mirror Technology

The mirror is one of the most simple and functional items in the bathroom, it doesn’t require plumbing, electricity or involve any complicated controls. Well, until now that is. In fact there are so many functions of the mirror today that it is debated whether they can still be classified as one (Ok that might have been an exaggeration). But, you can now get a mirror that is a clock, a mirror that is a wireless speaker, even a mirror that is a TV. So, now you can do your make-up whilst watching Gok Wan talks about make-up.

New Tap Technology

The tap is one of the most important elements of the bathroom and one wouldn’t be complete without it. But don’t you sometimes feel that turning them on and off is just a hassle that is best avoided. Yep, so did some technological boffins and they have designed an “intelligent faucet” that uses facial recognition software that remembers your face and preferred temperature, without having to lift a finger.

And the Rest

This whole guide to bathroom technology wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a piece of that until now hasn’t set foot inside the bathroom. You guessed it… the television. Now you don’t have to miss that really intense episode of Jeremy Kyle and can watch it in the comfort of your tub. But, before your done judging other people - how about a set of scales that not only judges you, but sends updates and records to your phone allowing you to upload them to Facebook. Or how about a toothbrush that doubles as an alarm clock and won’t stop until you use it as a toothbrush again.

So much for the bathroom being a place to relax.

Important Note: When adding any electrical items into the bathroom please ensure they adhere to the regulation splash zones that have been identified by the IEE Wiring Regulations.



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