7 Toasty Bathroom Heating Ideas

7th Oct 2016

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Bathroom Ideas

Keep warm in style this winter.

White Bath With Silver Radiator

1. Straight Ladder Radiators
2. Curved Ladder Radiators
3. Designer Radiators
4. Traditional Towel Rails
5. Electric Towel Rails
6. Under Floor Heating
7. Traditional Column Radiators
8. BTU Rating

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Ever stayed an extra 5 minutes in bed on a frosty morning or dreaded getting out of the shower on a cold winter's evening? These are telltale signs that your bathroom heating is not up to scratch and it's time to upgrade to a more modern solution.

Gone are the days when the only option to heat your bathroom was the same standard radiator you had in every other room in your house; these days there are lots of bathroom heating ideas for you to consider. As well as providing the heat required to keep your bathroom beautifully warm; modern radiators can also add to the look and style of your bathroom.

In this Victorian Plumbing heating guide we will be shedding light on the different options that are available today. We will look at the plus points of each option with a keen eye on bathroom size, budget and style.


1. Straight Ladder Radiators

Ladder style radiators are available in either a straight or curved option. They are a fantastic space saving option which makes them ideal for any size of bathroom. There are smaller (shorter) options which could be perfect for a cloakroom bathroom or ensuite and there are also tall ladder radiators that work well in a family bathroom. The straight ladder style offers a contemporary look that wouldn't be out of place in any modern bathroom design.

Chrome is a very popular finish, however ladder radiators are also commonly available in white, black and anthracite. As well as the different radiator colours, you may also want to consider a quirkier design like the daring range from designer brand Bauhaus.


2. Curved Ladder Radiators

Curved ladder radiators are, of course, visually similar to the straight option however the curved variety benefits from a 3D design that can work beautifully with other curved fixtures in your bathroom. Perhaps a good example of this is our Orion combination vanity unit which is designed with a gorgeous curved front facia. A curved ladder radiator coupled with the curved lines of the Orion unit would really compliment each other.

Like straight ladder radiators, the curved option comes in a variety of sizes and designs. One other difference between the two styles is that the curved profile is actually a little easier to hang towels on so might help out with any person that struggles with tasks like this.


3. Designer Radiators

Designer radiators can add the luxury touch to your bathroom design. As well as being a functional heating system, these designer options can also be a stand out feature of your bathroom in their own right. There are some fantastic designer styles to choose from including wall length vertical designs and chrome plated horizontal radiators.

A designer radiator can certainly add character and personality to your bathroom and some designs can offer even more than that. Today it is possible to buy designer radiators with integrated mirrors and even built-in TV screens! One last thing to mention is that the designer radiator valves are sold separately and can be bought online from us.


4. Traditional Towel Rails

Traditional towel rails offer modern heating technology combined with an authentic period look. The design is essentially a traditionally designed column radiator enclosed inside chrome plated pipes. This easy to install design is surprisingly compact which makes them perfect for small bathrooms.

Choosing this style of radiator adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Used in the right setting a traditional towel rail harmonises perfectly with traditional bathroom fixtures and furniture.


5. Electric Towel Rails

Every bathroom heating idea we've mentioned so far operates by tapping into your home's hot water supply, however there is another way of heating your bathroom using a different utility. Electric towel rails run off your home's electricity supply which could potentially save you money. Many electric options come with an on and off switch which means you can turn the radiator on to heat your towel and off again when you leave the bathroom. This is especially handy in the warmer months.

Electric towel rails are available in all the same shapes and sizes and colours as conventional radiators so you don't have to compromise on style if you go for the electric option.


6. Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is a bathroom heating idea that has really grown in popularity in the last few years. This heating solution requires you to place either electrical wire or piped hot water underneath your bathroom floor which in turn heats the floor and the rest of your bathroom.

Under floor heating has become so popular because it means there will be no cold spots on your floor and you can enjoy a more consistent temperature throughout your bathroom. The under floor option is a good choice if you're installing a new bathroom because you can have the under floor heating in place before you lay your bathroom floor.


7. Traditional Column Radiators

Traditional column radiators are a practical, functional design that have a timeless look. Perfect for either a contemporary or traditional bathroom design; this style of radiator is available in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

If you're designing a traditionally styled bathroom and you're looking for something a little different then why not consider a Shaftsbury ornate cast iron design designed by UK heritage radiator brand Paladin.

Another stylish look which is really hotting up is anthracite column radiators. This stunning colour works well in almost any setting which makes them desirable amongst homeowners.


BTU Rating

One other point that's important to share with you is that all radiators come with a BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating. A BTU rating is essentially how much heat a radiator will generate. It's good to know this when thinking about the size of your bathroom. As a rough guide smaller radiators will have a BTU of approximately 1,300 while larger radiators typically score around the 1,900 mark.

Have you picked up some bathroom heating ideas for your own bathroom design? We hope you have found this guide useful and it has helped you to make a more informed decision. One last tip is that when you browse heating ideas on the Victorian Plumbing website you have the option to filter the pages according to radiator size, type, style, colour and BTU rating. Use these filters to narrow down the heating options which are perfect for your bathroom. Thanks for reading and good luck with your dream bathroom.


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