5 On-trend Tile Designs For Bathrooms

By George

25th Sep 2019

4 mins read

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From elegant marble to hip hexagonal tiles. We take a look at on-trend options to boost your bathroom's walls and floors.

5 On-trend Tile Designs For Bathrooms

Your bathroom’s tiles are more important than you think. Pick wisely and you’ll have a durable, easy to clean, and mould-resistant surface for years to come. But it’s not just about practicality.

Bathroom tiles are now available in a wider range of styles, textures, and colours than ever before. This has led to them becoming the perfect tool for giving your space its own distinctive style.

Tiles can even be used to refresh the look and feel of older bathrooms, allowing you to bring a space up to date without spending big on a renovation.

With this in mind, we put together this brief guide to give you pointers on the latest trending bathroom tile designs and how to use them.

The Latest Trending Tile Designs For Bathrooms

A host of unconventional trends have infiltrated bathrooms over the course of 2019, with matte black tapware, black-framed shower screens, and stunning freestanding baths all starting to gain traction.

When it comes to tiles, however, we’ve seen even more out-there designs.

Unexpected geometric shapes, unfamiliar textures and uncommon colours have been cropping up in all kinds of bathrooms.

We thought we’d introduce you to these trending tile designs for bathrooms just before they really take off:

Hexagonal Tiles - Geometric shapes don’t normally spring to mind when you think of highly stylish interiors. Nevertheless, hexagonal tiles have skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. We particularly approve of these Vista Hexagon Off-White ones.

Suitable for walls and floors, Vista’s hexagon tiles work to give spaces a sophisticated ultra-modern vibe. Their honeycomb-patterned effect gives walls texture without making them look too busy. We suggest keeping the rest of your bathroom’s style minimal to create a clean, clutter-free environment, allowing your tiles to accentuate the overall look.

Mirrored Tiles - Strategically placed wall mirrors can go a long way to making small spaces feel that bit bigger. These Copper Sparkle Mirror Mosaic Tile Sheets give you the power to achieve this effect but on a much larger scale.

Mirror tiles such as these have experienced a huge rise in popularity over the past year.

With bathrooms becoming increasingly smaller homeowners have been looking for new ways to give the impression of space, and these provide a stylish solution. We’re especially fond of the sophisticated copper finish, that works to make your bathroom seem grand in style as well as size.

Glitter Tiles - Ideal for those with flamboyant tastes, glitter-infused tiles have also experienced a fresh boom. When used sparingly (i.e. to create a bathroom feature wall) they can serve to draw attention to certain areas of your space, and even distract from less stylish aspects. On the other hand, when used liberally these tiles can create wonderfully extravagant bathrooms. Our glitter tile of choice? Julien Macdonald’s Glittered Luxury Marble Effect Wall Tiles.

Though admittedly showy, these tiles are brought back down to earth by their subtle marble effect. We advise using them as a backdrop for a modern vanity unit to give your modern bathroom the showpiece it deserves.

Introducing Bathroom Tile Patterns

While monochrome looks are ruling the roost at the minute, here are a few options for those who desire the look of bathroom tile patterns. All of which are surefire ways to add depth and character:

Traditional Patterns - A staple of Victorian bathrooms, traditional bathroom tile patterns can quickly make spaces feel more cultured. This style of tile is versatile too, as their uncomplicated shapes and simple colour palettes make them suitable for most spaces.

Modern Patterns - Although we mentioned them earlier in a monochrome look, hexagon tiles can also be implemented as a modern bathroom tile pattern. The ‘Kai’ range of hexagon wall and floor tiles are comprised of tiles in several on-trend hues, ideal for creating patterned walls.

Creating Trendy Bathroom Feature Walls

Elegant tilework doesn’t have to be a large-scale job. As demonstrated with the glitter tiles mentioned above, you can improve your bathroom’s look by tiling a single wall. These bathroom feature walls cost less than a full tiling job but can often be even more impactful.

We suggest keeping your bathroom’s styling and colour scheme as reserved as possible, then adding a burst of colour and texture through the use of a feature wall. The copper mirror tiles we suggested earlier work well as a statement but, if they’re not for you, consider trying other mosaic tiles from our collection.

Of all the trending bathroom tile designs we’ve mentioned, which are you considering for your new bathroom? Bold glitter tiles or understated hexagonal ones? Mirrored or matte? Whatever you settle on, be sure to check out our comprehensive tile range first.



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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