3 Simple DIY Bath Panel Ideas for Unique Spaces

By George

5th Nov 2021

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We've taken a look into some popular DIY bath panel ideas that can help give your bathroom a distinctive look.

3 Simple DIY Bath Panel Ideas for Unique Spaces

Bath panels, traditionally made of acrylic and/or wood, provide essential waterproofing and keep unsightly plumbing hidden away - but they can be used as a style feature too.

As demonstrated by our huge bath panels range, they’re now available in a host of different designs and finishes to suit almost any space.

In addition to this, keen DIY enthusiasts have been taking it upon themselves to fashion their very own DIY bath panels.

From stunning tiled bath panel ideas to eye-catching painted bath panel ideas, you’ll find countless examples online.

So, we thought we’d detail a few of these ideas to give you the inspiration to try them out yourself!

3 Easy-to-Install DIY Bath Panel Ideas

1. Wood Plank Bath Panel Ideas

DIY bath panel ideas are particularly handy for those who are going for a rustic look. Instead of a factory-made acrylic bath panel or professionally installed tiles, you can also use wooden planks to create a truly unique bath panel.

Pre-cut planks or reclaimed wood can be used (and cut down into as many planks as required), then assembled into a panel. The panel should then be treated with a waterproof varnish before being fitted to the side of your bath.

Many DIY-ers even fit stylish handles that allow the panels to be fitted to hinges, giving you easy access to the plumbing underneath and providing you with more storage space to tuck away toiletries.

2. Tiled Bath Panel Ideas

One of the most common go-to alternatives to standard white bath panels, you’ll find tonnes of examples of tiled bath panel ideas online.

Second only to standard bath panels, tiled bath panel ideas have been popular in bathroom design for decades and can be really effective in heightening the style of a bathroom if done well.

Venice Complete Bathroom Suite Package - Tiled Bath Panel Ideas
Tiling in a bathtub, such as the one supplied with the Venice complete bathroom suite, can greatly enhance a bathroom’s style.

We’re particularly fond of how the bath in this Venice Complete Bathroom Suite Package has been tiled using rustic split face tiles. Opting to match your tiled bath panel with the tiles used on the walls can make for a really pleasing, coherent look.

3. Painted Bath Panel Ideas

If you’re the owner of a tiled bath or a suitable acrylic bath panel, a painted bath panel could be the ideal option for you.

Painted bath panel ideas are massively popular at the minute, with many people using them to quickly update outdated panels and tiling. With the correct paint, it’s a quick and easy job and doesn’t require you to do any complex work - making it a blessing for renters.

Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint 750ml - Ivory Satin - Painted Bath Panel Ideas
Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint can quickly and easily help rejuvenate a tiled bath panel.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in tackling yourself, make sure you pick a suitable paint that has been specifically designed with tiles in mind. This Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint is an excellent waterproof and mould resistant option that is incredibly easy to work with as it requires just one coat.

Are There Bath Panel Alternatives?

If the idea of a DIY bath panel simply isn’t for you, there are a number of different things you can try instead.

The most attractive option we’d recommend would be to install a Freestanding Back to Wall Bath. These are striking alternatives to standard baths that don’t require a bath panel. They’re a top pick for those who crave the look of a freestanding tub but may lack the space to install one centrally.

Orion Matt Black Back To Wall Modern Square Bath - DIY Bath Panel Ideas
This eyecatching black Orion back to wall bath provides you with all the style of a true freestanding bathtub.

This Orion Matt Black Back To Wall Modern Square Bath, for instance, boasts plenty of room for long soaks and is double-ended - allowing users to bathe at either end without having to fight over the dreaded tap end.


Found our 3 simple DIY bath panel ideas inspiring? Want more inspiring bathroom guides? Stick with us on the Victorian Plumbing blog. In need of a quality bath? Try out our extensive baths range, featuring over 500 options to suit all manner of bathroom spaces.



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