12 Outdoor Tile Designs for Your Garden

By Alex Beckwith

1st Jul 2022

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Here are 12 outdoor tile designs that are the perfect addition for anyone wanting to upgrade their outdoor space. Get inspired and add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space!

12 Outdoor Tile Designs for Your Garden

Outdoor tiles are a great addition to any garden. If you are looking to add more character to your garden, outdoor tiles are a great statement piece that can enhance the overall look bringing sophistication and personality. Using tiles outside can compliment any other statement features you may have, such as furniture sets, water features, greenery, and a fresh lawn.

We know that it can be overwhelming finding the best style that suits you, so we have listed our favourite 12 outdoor tile designs that we think will inspire your creative juices.

12 Outdoor Tile Designs

1. Give yourself a pat-io on the back

A common way of taking your garden to the next level is introducing a patio space. Breaking up your garden with multiple sections can add character. Using outdoor tiles to create a patio implements a social area that, in turn, adds a dash of elegance and sophistication. This is an ideal way of making your small garden appear bigger, or alternatively, breaks up an overwhelmingly open space. Once you have created your patio area, many doors open in your design project. With implementing furniture sets, water features, and plant arrangements you can create a zen and tranquil space or a playful and vibrant area.

2. Trims and Walkways

If you are wanting to spruce up your garden with a small project, adding a walkway or trim around your property is the perfect addition. There are plenty of different designs for a walkway so being as creative as you wish will see your results pay off. Adding pebbles to your layout can create contrast by choosing a colour that is opposite to the shade of your tile choice, which can enhance the overall look of your tiles. By paving your tiles through areas in your garden that would not usually have been used, your space will begin to feel bigger as your garden opens up.

3. Slay-te the game with a rustic design

Adding a rustic slate tile to your garden is a great way to build character whilst complementing your outdoor features. The black and brown tones contrast with any greenery, bringing out the vibrancy of your plants and flowers making your garden feel alive and fresh. Implementing these tones to your colour palette also makes it easier to bring in furniture sets that would otherwise stick out as an eye sore. Their rustic personality also adds a modern touch to your garden without compromising or taking away from the natural look of your area. This will certainly make any of your neighbours look with jealous glares.

4. Create a mood with a black stone effect

If you are looking to create a statement, then a black stone effect tile is the perfect choice. The dark features of this style can help minimise open spaces, making your social areas feel more personal and intimate. The accents and nuances of natural stone also enhance the character of these tiles making their appeal imperfectly perfect. These are also convenient for busy family gardens with their quality slip resistance, making them extremely practical for party settings and children.

5. Use tiles to brighten up your space

If you are wanting to brighten up and upgrade your garden space, a bright grey stone tile can help with this. Implementing light natural tones into your space can help build a light and airy atmosphere, especially on those sunny days when your patio areas can reflect the sun highlighting your garden for all to see. These tiles also maintain your natural setting whilst adding a luxurious beach house feel, reminiscent of those seen on the beaches in Malibu.

These tiles have great versatility as they can be used to lay a patio or you can use your inspiration to create playful designs. Using these tiles as stepping stones is a popular trend in 2022, either surrounding them with water to create a tranquil environment, or stones to add a rustic style.

6. Isn’t that anthra-site for sore eyes!

Keeping up with the trends, making your garden appear chic and modern has never been easier than with an anthracite grey tile. These tiles are the perfect element when you are wanting to create contrast in your garden; creating tension between the bright features, they enhance the vivid and energetic vibe that keeps your garden feeling alive. Whether you use these for a patio or a playful feature, the design of anthracite tiles can help create the illusion of a larger space by adding depth whilst bolstering the overall modern aesthetic of your space. The ultimate head turner!

7. Transform your space with character

A stone effect tile is the ultimate statement piece that will complete the look of your garden with each tile having a unique design. Building character in your garden has never been easier when you see each tile has its own grooves and imperfections. This makes them extremely versatile and allows you to be as creative as you wish when designing your layout. Our Larino range offers luxury and elegance with unique tiles that really do deliver. With the options coming in both grey and anthracite, you can really let loose your creative flare. It puts versatility first, allowing you to create a bright and fresh atmosphere, or create depth with a moody and dramatic look.

8. Stay beige and let mother nature thrive

Using your tiles to compliment your garden’s natural features can give it a traditional Mediterranean style. Beige tiles coordinate well in layouts that feature grass and other greenery, complimenting the natural look and highlighting the power that grass and plants can have as a dominant feature in your outdoor space. Whether you have grass gaps between your tile layout or use it as a trim for the edge of your patio area, implementing greenery comes with endless possibilities in your design and is an easy way to add a fun and unique style.

9. Get a taste of Italy with our Savona range

Are you wanting to bring a stylish tile to your outdoor space that even the people of Milan would turn their heads for? Then our own Savona range could be the ideal choice for you to introduce to your garden. With each tile having its own distinct pattern, whichever layout you choose, your design will be totally unique to you. These tiles are perfect for those patios or roof terraces that will see a lot of social interactions so that you can show off your tiles in a glorious way. With their anti-slip resistance, these tiles would also be a perfect addition to pool sides, hot tub areas, and even complimenting water features that are used for a statement piece. Tranquil patterns for a tranquil space.

10. Pave your way to garden chic with this design

Make sure you run and don't walk for this high quality RAK Ceramics tile design. If you are looking to brighten your space with an elegant tile then RAK Ceramics’ Matt Ivory style is an ideal choice. It merges practicality and style by bringing a look of sophistication whilst being anti-slip, having a high resistance to wear and tear, and also being the ultimate outdoor tile with chemical and weather resistance. The natural characteristics in the design with its crystalline features builds personality adding a playful yet subtle feel to your outdoor space. This tile is the perfect addition to those busy social spaces that helps bring families together, putting the personal in personality.

11. Add a spl-ash of minimalism

A busy garden can be an overwhelming atmosphere for a relaxing space. Adding a minimalistic tile design to your garden will help with chilling out your outdoors. Using neutral colours and tones for your tile choice will lead to creating the perfect balance between your minimalist look and the vibrant energy. Using a tile that consists of neutral tones will also allow you to go big with your garden furniture. Making a statement with your furniture on a calm floor will allow you to maximise your style without overwhelming it. Take a look at our Montana Ash tile and let your creative spark be ignited.

12. Use texture to create character

Textured tiles are a great way to add depth and character to your patio design. If you are wanting to go bold with your outdoor style, adding a tile that is full of texture will be the glue that holds it together. We recommend choosing your tile first when doing this as this will allow you to build your garden design in a way that will compliment the style you have created. The Carmona range would be an ideal choice when choosing a tile for texture; the range offers a beige tile that would suit multiple outdoor designs.

Whether it is for a small upgrade or introducing a brand new style to your garden, we hope our 12 outdoor tile designs have inspired you with creative ways to introduce tiles to your outdoor space.

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