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Water Saving Taps Buying Guide

Introduction To Water Saving Taps

When you think about how much you use your taps at home you start to understand the amount of water you use just for washing hands and dishes alone. That's why more and more people are buying water saving taps in order to look after their pennies as well as helping the environment too!

Which water saving tap styles are available?

There is a wide variety of water saving taps to choose from so you'll always be spoilt for choice. It's a good idea to think about the style you're interested in first so we've listed some examples below:

Basin Mixers: Water saving basin mixers come in various styles such as monobloc designs with levers or non concussive operation.

Electronic Sensor Taps: Simply move your hand across the sensor to activate these electronic water saving taps. They can be set to allow a specific amount of water to be released each use.

Bath Shower Mixer: You can also buy water saving bath shower mixers which are a combination of a bath filler and a shower in one.

Basin Taps: Water saving basin taps are individual hot and cold taps. Also known as 2 tap hole (2th) they deliver a hot and cold flow of water from each separate tap.

What are non concussive taps?

Non concussive taps work by pushing downwards on the tap's head and water is released. These water saving taps can be set to release a specific volume of water for each use. They're often found in commercial settings however, they can also be installed in domestic settings too!

How do I know which water saving taps are suitable for my plumbing?

As water pressure can vary greatly from house to house, you need to check your pressure before selecting a new set of water saving taps. This will help determine what will be compatible with your plumbing system. It is a good idea to seek professional advice when dealing with water pressure.

How easy is it to install water saving taps?

Water saving taps are quite easy to install but they do require setting especially for those which have adjustable volumes deliveries. Electronic sensor taps will require batteries but won't need any electrical installations. If you're unfamiliar with the process we would advise you to seek the help of a professional for any water saving tap installation.

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