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Buying Guides

Shower Slider Rail Kits Buying Guide


Providing a very practical, stylish addition to any bathroom, it's no wonder shower slider rail kits have become so popular in recent years. In this buying guide we'll run through the key things you need to know about them, and look at why it could be just the upgrade you need!

What is a slider rail kit?

These fixtures usually consist of a metal rail which has a shower head attached via a flexible hose. They allow you to effortlessly adjust the height of the shower head which makes them a very practical alternative.

Why should I install one?

You should definitely consider installing a shower slider rail kit if you have a large family, or if there are people in the household of various heights, as these fixtures enable each person to adjust the shower head to a position which is comfortable for them. This is the big advantage that slider rails have over other designs.They are also very budget-friendly upgrades which makes them ideal for guest bathrooms or en-suites if you want to keep the costs down while also providing your guests with something that is stylish and practical.

A quick word about installation

While it's certainly possible to fit one of these products yourself, we recommend that you have a plumber carry out the fitting of the slider rail kit for you unless you have previous experience fitting showers as this will avoid any unexpected expenses!