The Sunday Mirror has started a new free magazine with every issue called Notebook which has set to be a ‘guide to modern living’ and they wanted to start off with a bang. So, we decided to give them an incredible free-standing bath worth making a big deal out of. The article was about creating a Victorian styled bathroom with a touch of luxury and glamour, which was great news for us because that’s what we do best. Our inspired selection of traditional baths gave us a variety of options to choose from, whether it would be a slipper roll top, single ended roll top or double ended roll top bath. We decided to choose the classic Roma free-standing double ended bath, with ball and claw feet for an added touch of elegance.

Free magazines are great for keeping around the house, to share with friends and to seek advice, so being part of it was a must for us. And, with The Sunday Mirror receiving a readership of 2.9 million of you lovely people, we couldn’t say no. A magazine with that sort of readership offers a huge demographic with each reader wanting and expecting different things, a great match for us as we have such a huge range of bathroom furniture that we can cater for all tastes. It is also beneficial for us to be recommended by them, as it is great for building a relationship with potential customers who may not already know about Victorian Plumbing.

So hopefully now, a lot more people know that if they want to create a timeless, traditional and chic bathroom, Victorian Plumbing is the place to go. (And, since they’re looking they could check out our fantastic ranges of modern bathroom furniture as well, just to give them even more of a choice!)