This section is one of our favourites, because it’s our chance to see what you, our customers, have done with your newly renovated bathrooms. It gives us a big smile on our faces to see how happy you can be with your very own bathroom space that is unique, even down to novelty bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers. And, we would like to begin our Customer’s Bathrooms section with this amazing, albeit eccentric, bathroom transformed to celebrate all things that make London, London.

From the lights to the toilet seat, they have given the whole place a truly unique look, although we’re quite surprised that they didn’t take a Beefeater's hat and turn it into a toilet brush (maybe that should be our next product range?). They have even gone out of their way to find a company to make them a mirror map of London, with all of the boroughs marked out.

It is a great example of being able to take a fairly normal space and turn it into a space that is everything you love. You can really achieve a bathroom specifically made for you. So, make it as inviting as possible and enjoy it more and more with each visit.

Our weird and wonderful range of bathroom accessories can really give you exactly what you need to create a look and feel that is your own. Whether you are looking for a bathroom that is full of family friendly gizmos, such as a soap dispenser that’s shaped to look like a penguin or just something to liven it up a bit, like a funky 3d toilet seat, we’re here to help make this a reality (and we promise we won’t laugh!).

You’ll be surprised what you can find on our site and this just goes to show we have a little bit of something for everyone. But, if we don’t have something more to your taste, let us know. We’re always looking to expand our range, no matter how mad, stylish or normal you want it. And, if this bathroom isn’t your cup of tea (see what I did there, because of the British theme?) we would love to see if you’ve had a go at creating a unique space in your bathroom.

Images courtesy of Mrs St.Bean, a big thank you from us for sending these in.

Wenko 3D London Toilet Seat - £44.95

No one says a toilet seat has to be ordinary, and this seat is far from that. Give your bathroom a quirky yet stylish focal point with a touch of London and celebrate everything British. Perfect for those looking to add some character to their bathroom.

Wishbone Flexible Soap Dish - 3 Colour Options - £5.95

These Wishbone Soap Dishes are great fun and ideal for family homes looking to add a bit of a playful tone to their bathroom. Child friendly and a fantastic price.

Wenko Penguin Soap Dispenser - £14.95

A soap dispenser with a difference. The funky design mixed with its normal function makes this dispenser a great little accessory to add into any style of bathroom. Made to look like a penguin, it would suit even an emperor’s bathroom!