Besides keeping you informed of the latest goings on, and what trends are on the horizon, it’s always nice to see our customers creating their own stylish bathrooms, transforming once plain settings into stunning examples. It certainly looks like you’ve all been busy getting your bathrooms renovated over the past few months that’s for sure!

One of the things we’ve noticed is that besides the continuing popularity of contemporary fixtures, there seems to be a growing trend for more traditionally influenced styles at the moment, as many of the images you guys sent in showed gorgeous period fittings and décor. We’ve been so impressed with the results of your hard work that we decided to dedicate this blog to showcase some of our favourite efforts.

Lucy Dwyer – White Traditional Bathroom (main image)

This bathroom is absolutely beautiful. Some well-placed period items have given this setting an authentic look that is timeless in its appearance. The white freestanding bath with matching legs adds a fantastic focal point, while the console basin is a great touch. The elaborate floor pattern breaks up the white perfectly, giving the room a bit of character in the process.

Annie Pirie – Stylish Modern Bathroom (right picture 1)

Annie’s gorgeously presented bathroom features subtle grey tiling which is perfectly complemented by the placement of smaller, shiny black and grey tiles which really add to the effect. A modern shower setup, combined with a black vanity unit and back to wall toilet complete the look. This contemporary example will look fantastic for many years to come.

Gemma Weston – Traditional Bathroom (picture 2)

We’re loving Gemma’s classic bathroom, with its stunning traditional freestanding bathtub and stylish colour scheme. The radiator is also a neat touch as it effortlessly complements the feel of the room, setting the tone wonderfully.

Pat Guidi – Colourful Traditional Bathroom (picture 3)

Pat’s bathroom looks like an extremely pleasant place to be. The superb choice of tiling really gives this setting an eye-catching look that is a little different. The tiles have an excellent supporting cast of a freestanding bathtub, console basin and heated towel rail for a fabulous traditional look.

Paul & Mandy – Timeless Period Bathroom (picture 4)

This effort from Paul and Mandy really is something special. Black and white floor tiles have created a timeless monochrome scheme, but for an extra twist this has been combined with a deep plumb colour which highlights various aspects of the room. The stunning freestanding bathtub looks sensational, and the medium level toilet completes the period aesthetic. The low sloping ceiling gives the room a certain character too.

Will Lovell – Classic Bathroom (picture 5)

An understated example, this bathroom features a beautiful freestanding bath as the centrepiece of the room. A traditional toilet and basin provide stylish accompaniments to the bathtub, while the black, white and grey colour scheme works very well in this particular setting.

As we’re sure you’ll all agree, these are some truly stunning examples from our customers. To show you our appreciation, anyone who sends us pictures of their bathroom (which has been created using products bought from this site), could be featured on our website or social media walls with our #SnapAndShare project. Click this link to find out more.

If you would like to showcase your own bathroom renovation, please send your pictures to and we’ll be sure to take a look. So come on, what are you waiting for, get sending those images!

Rob, Victorian Plumbing