When customers order various bathroom products from us, we often find ourselves wondering what their finished results will look like. Will that traditional bathtub be paired with some stylish subway tiles? Or will that modern shower be complemented with other contemporary fittings? It’s hard to sometimes picture the finished product because everyone has their own individual tastes and requirements. This is the aspect we find the most interesting as it’s amazing seeing so many stunning examples that are all completely unique, so we were excited when past customers Paul and Mandy kindly shared some photos of their completed bathroom with us.

Hi guys, so what made you decide to go with a more traditionally influenced style, as opposed to a modern look?

Mandy: “I have always loved the Victorian/Edwardian era and because Paul just wanted a modern shower room downstairs I had my chance to create my "dream bathroom" upstairs.”

How long did the room take to complete? Was it a big renovation or was it a relatively straight forward build?

Paul: “We moved into our bungalow at the beginning of 2013 and started our extension and loft conversion in July 2013. We extended downstairs to provide a living room kitchen. The loft has been converted to provide a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom. It has been a big project and we have lived in one room for the last year.”

Do you have a particular aspect of the room which is your favourite now that it’s complete?

Paul: “I love absolutely everything about it.”

What made you decide on the choices of colour? What was the inspiration behind them?

Paul: “Obviously the Victorian's loved their dark colours, then a paler palette came with the Edwardian era. I went with the dark colour as the white of the sanitary ware really looks well behind the Berry colour wall.”

Which of the two of you would you say had the most input regarding the room? Or was it very much a team effort?

Paul: “Mandy has the vision so I left it to her, then teamwork pulled it all together.”

What challenges did you face when you renovated the bathroom?

Paul: “Probably creating enough room for the freestanding slipper bath.”

Would you do anything differently, if you were doing up a new bathroom?

Paul: “No, not in the en-suite, thinking about the downstairs shower room now as the rest of the renovation is just about complete.”

Finally, how would you rate your experience with us, as a customer?

Paul: “A very pleasurable experience from ordering to fitting to finishing; very helpful and informative.”

The love for traditional features is evident throughout this gorgeous master en-suite as it simply oozes class and sophistication no matter what angle you view it from. Their level of dedication has all been worth it as they now have a beautiful living area in which to relax, as the adjoining bedroom is also a masterpiece as I’m sure you can see from the picture.

Deciding to tackle a renovation of any sort is always going to be a mammoth task, as there are always those unforeseen problems and issues to overcome along the way, but that’s what makes them so worthwhile in the end. Creating this bathroom may have meant living in one room for a year, but now the end result is a truly breathtaking place in which to escape the stresses of modern life. Working in harmony is what made this particular build a success. Hats off guys, you really have done yourselves proud with this one.

If you’re one of our previous customers and would like to share your completed bathroom with us, feel free to get in touch by emailing your images to info@victorianplumbing.co.uk. Don’t forget that participants will be entered into our competition to win a Samsung TV! We look forward to seeing what gorgeous creations you lot have come up with.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing